5 Cities Perfect For A Weekend Holiday

A weekend holiday may be just what you need to refresh your mind and body after a stressful week in the workplace. Of course, if you have to go on a quick trip, you want it to be close by. This is why you might be better off to visit a new city to relax.

For some people, it might not be appealing to go to another city for some needed R&R. However, there are cities that might be good enough for you to unwind.

If you are in Europe, here are the 5 best cities that you can visit for a weekend holiday.

Venice, Italy


Beautiful Venice is perfect for that summer weekend getaway. This city is famous for being built on water. The churches and museums are great for some historical and cultural exploration. It is a magical place that you can tour and relax in. You can explore the city while riding in one of the gondolas. If you are lucky, you might even be serenaded while you are touring the city. If you don’t mind the crowd that usually visits this city, then this should be a great option for you.

Barcelona, Spain

If you want to look at great architectural structures, then head off to Barcelona. You can tour the city as you admire the beautiful buildings that are reminiscent of past eras. If you tire from a day of walking, you can sit in one of the tapas bars and have your fill of the local cuisine. In case the day gets too hot, you can opt to visit one of the seven beaches to cool yourself off.

Paris, France

You can never go wrong in the city of love. This will always be one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. The building facade and the monument are all breathtaking. The palaces, boulevards, and various landmarks will really help you take a step back into a more tranquil and relaxing pace. You can indulge yourself in the many cafes and food markets to get a taste of the true Parisian lifestyle.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If it is fun and excitement that you are looking for, then Amsterdam is the perfect weekend holiday destination. It is small enough to allow you to cycle without getting tired. It is also filled with pretty bridges, serene canals, and beautiful buildings. The art museums are a must for everyone. You can also fill your nights with a cultural exposure as you enjoy one of the many orchestras in the city.

Lisbon, Portugal

The appeal of Lisbon is mainly caused by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in the background. Combined with the century-old architecture, transportation, and the pleasant weather, this is a great destination if you want to escape the usual routine back home. The seven steep hills where the city lies offer a unique landscape that is really refreshing. The city centre offers a lot of possibilities and the baroque streets provide hours of entertaining sights as you go on a leisure stroll during the day.

These cities make for a great option for your weekend holiday destination.